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Our Story

Founded in 1980 by Thomas Lim, SEAWARD is proudly 100% Singaporean-owned and an independent business operating in Singapore.

We provide unique & custom solutions to customers in both F&B and Industrial applications. We procure only quality ingredients, select chemicals & filtration products, supporting sustainable, responsible and reliable solutions to customers.

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Inspiration: The name "SEAWARD" was inspired by personal friends of our founder, Thomas Lim. Pastors Fred & Margaret Seaward were early missionaries from the USA to Southeast Asia in the 1950's. Over many years, they made significant contributions toward improving lives in developing and urban communities.


Following in their legacy of dedication, integrity & responsibility, we want the SEAWARD name to continuing inspiring. Our business is based on principles of honesty, integrity and a pioneering spirit. SEAWARD's mandate therefore is to improve the lives of many including care for the environment.

Humble Beginnings: From a small rental space in Middle Road in the early 1980's, the business expanded in the early 90's to occupy a location at North Bridge Road which placed it in the heart of Singapore's prime business district.

Modernizing: By the early 2000's Seaward had then grown to place itself withing a growing business hub at the Tai Seng district - an area landmarked by the Singapore government for developing high-value businesses, creative, and logistic services outside the central business district. We also utilize two warehouse locations at the eastern & western ends of Singapore which are in very close proximity to the airport & manufacturing clients respectively. Our transition of leadership is now into the 2nd generation and continue to build upon such a rich legacy.

Be Singaporean, Be Seaward: Our motto reads: Reliablity, Flexibility and Quality. We intentionally support start-ups & encourage entrepreneurs, on top of supporting local SMEs and MNCs because we believe in including anything or anyone regardless of size.

SEAWARD's products hold numerous international & recognizable certifications that facilitate their use across different industries. We export thoroughly to ASEAN, China, India, Sri Lanka, the UK and the USA, and continue to broaden our horizons.

We support customers & principals who hold the below accreditations:

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(Photo: Thomas Lim, Founder)

SEAWARD's motto: Reliability, Flexibility and Quality.


18 Howard Road #03-03,
Novelty BizCentre, Singapore 369585
Tel: (65) 6382 6660 | Fax: (65) 6702 7702