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Health & Nutrition

SEAWARD carefully selects reliable, quality-focused and technically supportive principals who qualify with Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Halal, Kosher certifications to support our clients. We supply unique, nutrition ingredients to manufacturers for the enrichment & processing of different vitamins, minerals, oils and health supplements.

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Halal dietary fibre! No taste, colour or smell, our specialized cellulose adds structure, stability and helps promote shelf life naturally whilst being a significant source of dietary fibre. Insoluble, it promotes gut health, better stomach regulation and supports weight loss.
Example foods: Low-calorie cookies, post natal snacks, children foods, high-protein formulations, specialty baked foods, etc.

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List of Products

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    Marine Collagen

    Marine collagen derived from single-source fish skin to provide the human body with natural peptides as a protein source for healthier hair, youthful skin and protecting nails.

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    Insoluble & soluble dietary fibre

    Cellulose as an insoluble fibre ingredient promotes better digestive tract health through aiding throughput of foods. By creating a longer sense of fullness, consumers reduce their tendency to snack and thus cellulose is useful in weight management programs.

    Inulin soluble fibre is a prebiotic that promotes better intestinal health. Easy to mix in hote and cold beverages, it is a growing trend in the creation of higher-value, healthy foods.

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    Omega oils

    Plant based omega 3 from flaxseed or algae, these are vegetarian friendly and have high levels of ALA omega 3 content. Useful for promoting better joints, eyesight and brain function it is a powerful and effective ingredient for manufacturers to make better, clean-label food/drink/snacks.

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    Different vitamins are essential for healthy daily living. We also supply mixed, natural tocopherols as source of Vitamine E which a growing trend is demanding for clean label, healthy label and safer foods.

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    Instant Food & Drink Thickener

    Seaward xanthan gum is a specialized instant food & drink thickener. Halal & kosher certified, it can be used by people experiencing difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia). This is a common challenge for ageing persons, or those having undergone surgery, or recovering from illness, Covid symptoms etc.

    Unique Features:

    It provides rapid thickening and gives a stable consistency, without affecting the original taste and color of the food or drink.

    Mixes easily;

    Transparent & does not alter colour in other liquids;

    No smell or taste;

    Consistent viscosity over different applications for same dosage;

    Stable over warm or chilled temperatures.

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