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Supporting many F&B sectors such as bread, beer, muffin, noodles, coconut, dairy, seasoning, etc., with functional and specialized food ingredients.We partner with businesses, home-business & chefs to create product knowledge & application value. We support local associations and related exhibitions, seminars and events that bring manufacturers & consudmers together.

Seaward as supported in the past or particpated in the following:

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## NEW! - RTE (Ready To Eat Meals), Plant-Based Diet
SEAWARD lends know-how & sourcing experience to food manufacturers answering the call to responsible stewardship of the environment who create new, tasty, and healthier products whilst reducing their carbon footprint.
We support:

RTE (Ready To Eat Meal), convenient food recipes through advanced thickeners/emulsifiers (xanthan gum), moisture retention & control utilizing natural plant cellulose. Much appreciate by health & fitness enthusiasts, medical establishments and cafes alike.

Plant-based diet, plant-based proteins are options people want to have as they grow more label conscious & savvy in selecting better, natural, whole foods. Our plant proteins, fibre are what helps make this possible without compromising on texture, taste, & mouthfeel.

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List of Products

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    Soy, pea and other blended proteins to helps clients achieve high value, functional food products. Versatile in application such as non-dairy, frozen, health bars, snacks, meat alternatives, cereals.

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    Anticaking & flow agents: cellulose / MCC

    Our cellulose and MCC products are well and proven healthier alternatives to silicon dioxide. FDA, Kosher and Halal.

    Suitable for many types of foods:

    Instant coffee, Shredded cheese, Snow-skin mooncake, Egg-yolk chips, Etc.

    Easy to use, it imparts no flavour nor odour thus delivering substantial benefits such as smooth flow and longer export distances.

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    Insoluble and soluble fibre solutions to promote digestive health. Suitable for all ages and easily used for different applications -- bakery, muffin, dessert, frozen, cheese, chocolate etc.

    Our products can be used to help customers achieve health benefits claims, clean label and unique product range, such as:

    Low-GI, Gluten-Free, Transfat-Free, Zero-Calorie, Non-GMO, Halal, Kosher  etc.

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    Backed by many years of filtration experience, our one-stop filtration approach supports multiple sectors in F&B.
    Be it diatomaceous earth "DE", filter cartridges, cloths, RO chemicals, water-treatment, activated carbon we have them all AND know how to advise clients on optimizing their usage to get the results they want.

    Example: Beer, Wine, Water, Vegetable oils, Health tonics, etc.

    Example customers: Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indoneisa, etc.

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    Omega-3 & Collagen

    SEAWARD is proud to offer sustainable choice of Omega 3 (marine, flaxseed, algae) that deliver top levels of ALA, DHA for better & healthier food products. Sourced from reliable principals in Europe and Asia we offer our clients choice, know-how and wide application possibilities.

    Our collagen tripeptide is a version of collagen that is finer, and better in bioavailability -- meaning the absorption and benefits are greater to consumers than regular collagen.

    Easy to use, it can be incorporated into Asian foods (noodles, kue, desserts) as well as international recipes (cheesecake, muffins, shakes, dairy).

    We assist customers seeking clean labelling, health claims, premium projects, etc. and are always experimenting with new ideas.

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    Specialized seasoning

    Partnering European sources with unique batter, seasoning products for fried, baked, seafood, frozen food products.

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    Specialty gums & emulsifiers

    Carefully selected xanthan gum, guar gum, blended gums that deliver outstanding food performance across pH and temperature range, extending the options available to manufacturers.

    Improves suspension, viscosity, mouthfeel, texture, flow, cling in both refrigerated and room temperature cycles.

    Example applications: chocolate fillings, kaya spreads, liquid cheese, popiah skins, coconut cream etc.


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