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Food & Beverage

Supporting many F&B sectors such as bread, beer, muffin, noodles, coconut, dairy, seasoning, etc., with functional and specialized food ingredients.We partner with businesses, home-business & chefs to create product knowledge & application value.


## NEW ## - March 2020
Halal dietary fibre! No taste, colour or smell, our specialized cellulose adds structure, stability and helps promote shelf life naturally whilst being a significant source of dietary fibre. Insoluble, it promotes gut health, better stomach regulation and supports weight loss.
Example foods: Low-calorie cookies, post natal snacks, children foods, high-protein formulations, specialty baked foods, etc.

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List of Products

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    Different sodium, potassium and blended alginates carefully formulated to meet each user's specific needs. Very versatile application such as jelly, fresh & instant noodles, gums, sauces, etc.

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    Anticaking cellulose

    Our purified cellulose and alpha-cellulose that are proven healthier alternatives to silicon dioxide. FDA, Kosher and Halal certified (USA).

    Suitable for many types of foods:

    Instant coffee, Shredded cheese, Snow-skin mooncake, Egg-yolk chips, Etc.

    Easy to use, it imparts no flavour nor odour thus delivering substantial benefits such as smooth flow and longer export distances.

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    Insoluble and soluble fibre solutions to promote digestive health. Suitable for all ages and easily used for different applications -- bakery, muffin, dessert, frozen, cheese, chocolate etc.

    Our products can be used to help customers achieve health benefits claims, clean label and unique product range, such as:

    Low-GI, Gluten-Free, Transfat-Free, Zero-Calorie, Non-GMO, Halal, Kosher  etc.

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    Backed by many years of filtration experience, our one-stop filtration approach supports multiple sectors in F&B - 

    Example: Beer, Wine, Water, Vegetable oils, Health tonics, etc.

    Example customers: Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indoneisa, etc.

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    Omega 3

    Partnering the top Omega 3 makers from Europe; SEAWARD is proud to offer sustainable plant-based Omega 3 oils (flaxseed, algae) that deliver top levels of ALA, DHA for better & healthier food products.

    Easy to use, it can be incorporated into Asian foods (noodles, kue, desserts) as well as international recipes (cheesecake, muffins, shakes, dairy).

    We assist customers seeking clean labelling, health claims, premium projects, etc. and are always experimenting with new ideas.

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    Specialized seasoning

    Partnering European sources with unique batter, seasoning products for fried, baked, seafood, frozen food products.

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    Specialty gums & emulsifiers

    Carefully selected xanthan, guar, blended gums that deliver outstanding food performance across pH and temperature range, extending the options available to manufacturers.

    Improves suspension, viscosity, mouthfeel, texture, flow, cling in both refrigerated and room temperature cycles.

    Example applications: chocolate fillings, kaya spreads, liquid cheese, popiah skins, coconut cream etc.


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