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Edible Oils

Specialized filtration solutions applicable to palm oil & associated products, fats, shortenings, vegetable oils, soybean oils, etc. Common uses & goals: high sparkling-clarity oils, part of RBD process of palm oil, downstream filtration of oleo chemicals, etc.

Recommended products:

a) DICALITE filter aids ("DE" powder, or diatomite)

b) Filter cartridges/bags - 1, 2, 10, 25 micron

filter housing

c) Solka-Floc pre-coating cellulose

d) Water-treatment (PAC, alum. sulphate, lime, caustic, etc.)

e) Bentonite

f) Activated carbon (8x16, 12x40, coal, coconut-shell etc.). We can custom the sizing & absorption parameters to your needs - methylene blue, IV, surface area, with sulphuric or HCL acid wash.

edible oil


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