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Chemicals Processing

Customized solutions for use across a broad range of chemicals production.

Examples: Chlor-alkali, Organic acid, Mineral acid, Alkyd, Oil paint, Vinylite, other acids, resins, etc.

Recommended products: DICALITE filter aids, Solka Floc cellulose (acidic filtrations)

List of Products

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    Diatomaceous earth (aka Kieselguhr)

    "DE" powder in various grades to meet each filtration need. We can support with perlite filter aid as well.

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    Cellulose filter aid

    Cellulose filter aid & pre-coating is effective for low pH processes (e.g. chlor-alkali, acids). It is also a favourable choice for subsequent usage in agri/feed application, disposal process.

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    SEAWARD filtration consumbales

    Filter cartridges, bags, paper, etc., these are very versatile across many applications.
    Used for ease of changeover, storage, material choice & dimensions can be customized.


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