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+++ Green is Clean: Our Focus +++

SEAWARD is focusing on green, clean, and safe packing for clients. We are initiating awareness, and preference for recyclable materials, packaging, labelling in our efforts to promote a sustainable work-culture. We are avoiding single-use plastics, non-biodegradeable materials and encouraging clients to also be responsible stewards of the environment.

In our "Green is Clean" campaign, we also focus on protecting the environment and supporting recycling, water, waste-treatment, waste-to-energy clients with better supply-chain choices, education and market information.

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SEAWARD is dedicated to maintaining good stewardship of resources and care for the environment and resources.

We believe that profits and profitability can still be sustainable through responsible actions to the community and the environment, without compromise to our future and our childrens' future.

This is achieved through 3 main agendas:

1) Doing business with integrity, and with responsible partners who share our commitment to protecting the environment in their day-to-day business operations;

2) Reducing harm & waste of resources & recycling - energy, water, paper, reuse & recovery;

3) Continual education provided to customers & other stakeholders with information about best practices, avoidance of harmful, toxic chemicals & ingredients that are detrimental to human health & the environment. Active promotion of good products enhances well-being & quality of life.

Be it Ingredients, Chemicals or Filtration, we work alongside customers toward their success every step of the way.


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