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Pulp & Paper

Specialized chemicals & functional ingredients to paper mills for specialty paper, coated paper, print paper etc. We supply to some of ASEAN's largest mills with: cellulose, coating, carbonate, guar / xanthan gums, colour developer etc.

List of Products

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    Cellulose powder

    Cellulose powder, MCC, CMC for coating, or other special types of papers.
    Adds flexibility, strength, bulk etc.

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    Silicates, liquid chemicals, acids

    We are able to supply: silicates |additives (wetting agent, colour developer) as well other liquid acids/chemicals (hydrochloric | caustic soda | slaked lime | sulphuric).

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    Specialized diatomite & whitening

    Specialty DE as whitening agent & titanium dioxide, TiO2.

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    Xanthan gum, Guar gum etc.

    Different gum systems for pulp & paper in 80, 100, 200 mesh.


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