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Palm Oil

SEAWARD supports major customers in the palm oil industry in mid & down stream segment within Southeast Asia, namely Malaysia and Indonesia. Reference exports include: Klang, Medan, Riau, Jakarta, KL. We are currently seeking to develop Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India markets.

Our customers produce at refinery:  RBDPO / Cooking Oil / Biodiesel / Oleochemical - fatty acid, alcohols, ester, glycerine / Specialty Fats, Etc.

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olive oil

List of Products

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    - Acids: citric | hydrochloric (HCL) | sulphuric acid | phosphoric.

    - Others: caustic soda | hydrated lime.

    Typically in powder format, flake or liquid formats. Packing: 25kg.

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    Refining, Bleaching

    - Bentonite / Bleaching Earth;

    - Activated Carbon (powder / granular);

    - Diatomaceous Earth Filter Aid; Cellulose filter aid;

    - Filter Bags / Filter Cartridges (string-wound);

    - For packing: Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), TBHQ, Vitamin A

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    Water &, Waste treatment

    Customers who run their own WTP, waste plants need to treat with good filtration products.

    - Activated carbon (powder/granular 12x40);

    - DE powder;

    - Anthracite filter media;

    - Filter bag & cartridges, cloth;

    - Coagulant, flocculants (PAC, PAM, alum. sulphate, smbs);

    - SWRO systems

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