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Over the many years, SEAWARD has supported numerous local and regional industries, be it industrial, F&B, pharmaceutical, and many more. SMEs, Fortune500, start-ups - we understand the different needs by R&D, business owners, management, audit and other stakeholders.

Recent Focus - We support plant-based initiatives
Be it burgers, cakes, cookies, meatball, sausages that F&B clients manufacture, we are able to supply you with: all natural cellulose powder. This are 100% plant derived material without bleaching, preservatives, colourings, or harmful additives - exactly what people want to see and get -- A healthier choice.

Cellulose? YES!
The basic building block of plants, cellulose has different unique attributes such as: fibre, low to zero calorie, no transfat, good structure, moisture control, low fat pick up (frying), better freeze-thaw stability....
USA/Halal/Kosher, this great ingredient can give you the edge in better food performance, mouthfeel, nutrition value & competitive advantage.

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//Updated for Jun-Aug 2024//


What's Happening?

For 2024, SEAWARD is committed to supporting loyal customers in times of worldwide turmoil often seen in political, environment, economic arenas and take initiatives to advise, and mitigate risks where possible. 

We will leverage on our 
position as a trusted supplier, technical resource, and logistics enabler. Our success will centre around people and relationships because these matter most.

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SEAWARD's applied knowledge of specialized ingredients can significantly improve product performance, and manufacturers can exploit the extent of our capabilities to to do business better.

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SEAWARD's chemical products can be used in many industries. We can be called upon to source for specialty ingredients and chemicals and have the ability to do so through our business partners worldwide.

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Seaward's filtration expertise stretches across different industries which we support.

Our understanding includes Filter cartridges, Filter bags, Filter media (DE, cellulose, perlite) and also resin (ACH). We also have associated chemicals in treatment of water, waste, and gas.

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