We are proud to support the below industry event in the area of raw material supply, distribution and advisory. SEAWARD's experience helps us provide beneficial input supporting manufacturers to develop products with better:
shelf life, viscosity, dispersion, emulsion/suspension, flow, nutritional value, dietary value, etc.

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SEAWARD is proud to support FHA - Asia's premier Food & Beverage exhibition. We support manufacturers with unique solutions, ingredients & know-how by tapping on our experience in frozen food, instant drinks, dairy, brewery, filtration, viscosifiers etc.

Our focus this year?
1) Ready-To-Eat -- There is a growing trend for better, quicker, healthier & tasty meals on the go, at home, or even whilst travelling!  2) Plant-Based Proteins & Ingredients -- We endeavour to support different vegan & other specialized demands by consumers seeking creative, healthy options. 3) Dairy -- The dairy sector continues to make advancements in different types of frozen, cream, shredded, desert products utilizing dairy and we support them through our know-how.

Enquire with us today! Tel +65 6382 6660 or (Technical Sales).

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//Updated for Apr-Jun 2023 //


What's Happening?

SEAWARD has 10 top principle objectives for 2022, which will include objectives such as creating value, growing deeper roots & relationship building, etc. We believe this will strengthen our position as a trusted supplier, technical resource, and logistics enabler. Our success will centre around people and relationships because these matter most.

We welcome you to reach out to us for further details, today!


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SEAWARD's applied knowledge of specialized ingredients can significantly improve product performance, and manufacturers can exploit the extent of our capabilities to to do business better.

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SEAWARD's chemical products can be used in many industries. We can be called upon to source for specialty ingredients and chemicals and have the ability to do so through our business partners worldwide.

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Seaward's filtration expertise stretches across different industries which we support.

Our understanding includes Filter cartridges, Filter bags, Filter media (DE, cellulose, perlite) and also resin (ACH). We also have associated chemicals in treatment of water, waste, and gas.

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